donating made social, easy, and just for you

automatic micro-donations synced with daily spending

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Connect with your bank
and set up donation rules for
your favorite charities.

When you spend, micro-donations
based on your rules are automatically
sent to your charities.

Track your impact and
manage your tax-deductible
donations online.

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"Every time I go to the grocery store, I give 10% of my purchase to my local food bank. I love that my every day purchases help others." — Suzie in San Francisco

Give on your own terms. Support the causes you love by designating a percentage, flat fee, or loose change donation in any purchase category. Then, track your tax deductable donations, and all the good that goes with it.

Rest easy. Our secure server means that your financial information is safe, and never shared. We also make it simple to cancel any donation, and set up donation limits.

"I give a flat $5 to support clean water initiatives every time I go out for drinks with friends. I have fun and watch the good add up." — Eric in Washington, D.C.